"Texas law mandates interest on past due child support back to the date of delinquency." Steven Sinkin, Attorney

patricia sprouse

I would encourage anyone who is owed back child support to seek legal assistance. I have been divorced for 30 years and appreciate all of the hard work involved to collect the monies owed to me for 17 years of non-payment by my ex-husband.

Patricia Sprouse

I never thought I’d see the money my ex owed me. My lawyers collected $40,000 in 120 days! What a relief!

Lewis Herrington

lewis herrington
Rosalinda Miramontes

The attorney general said my ex owed $8,800. Once my lawyers took over my case and added interest, I was owed over $55,000! I’m using this money to put my children through college and provide opportunities I couldn’t give them before.

Rosalinda Miramontes

My former husband never paid a dime of child support in 25 years. He moved to Colorado. My daughter was 27 years old, and I didn’t think anything could be done. My lawyers went to work immediately. Less than 60 days after my court hearing, I received $90,000 — all my back child support plus

Irma J. Mindiola

Irma Mindiola
Launa Brockman

My 22 year old daughter and I had not received child support for over twenty years. Her father’s child support obligation was only $175.00 per month. However, with the interest that had accumulated, The Sinkin Law Firm recovered an incredible $103,020.00. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to The Sinkin Law Firm.

Launa Brockman

My children were 31 and 30 when these Texas child support lawyers helped me collect $105,381.30 in back child support with interest.

Judith Maus

Judith Maus
Debra Munn

So far, I’ve collected $108,633.41 in owed child support. My children were 33, 32 and 31 years of age when the Texas child support enforcement began. My ex-husband barely paid when my children were little. He owed $270 each month, and I had not received a payment for 18 years.

Debra Munn

The child support payments that my child’s father was ordered to pay me was $500.00 per month. The total amount of past due child support that The Sinkin Law Firm recovered for me and my 20 year old daughter was $169,591.00. I thought the chances were gone for me to get the past due child

Amy Carr

I had not been paid child support for over 36 years. My child support was only $200 a month. My ex was extremely well financed. He hired five attorneys to fight having to pay the child support he had never paid. My attorneys, Steven Sinkin and Andrew Ross, were well-prepared to the extreme.

Linda Lange

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