Texas Family Code defines the termination of the duty to pay child support as the later of: age 18 or if the child is enrolled in a program leading to a high school diploma (not GED) AND complying with the attendance policies, the child support continues until the end of the month in which the child graduates. Texas has no provision for child support in college.

The other things that terminate the duty to pay child support are: child marries before age 18; child enrolls in military and leaves home; child dies; child’s is emancipated by a court order. Having a baby does not count unless the child is already married. If child moves in with a boyfriend or girlfriend, the appellate courts are split on whether the duty to support continues.

One of those other weird things – if child is in high school past 18th birthday and drops out the child support stops. If the child goes back into high school, apparently the child support duty is not reinstated so kid and mom are on their own. If child drops out at 16 or 17 and is not married or living on his/her own, child support continues until 18th birthday.