I just turned 18 last april and now i would like to try to get the back child support my father owes me that has never been paid. What information do I need & how do I hire a child support enforcement lawyer?

The most important information an applicant can provide, aside from the noncustodial parent’s current address, is the name and address of the noncustodial parent’s current employer. If the current employer is not known, the name and address of the last known employer should be provided.

Additionally, the following information about the noncustodial parent should be made available:

  • social security number and date of birth;
  • names and addresses of relatives and friends;
  • names of banks or creditors such as utility companies;
  • names of organizations, unions or clubs to which the noncustodial parent belongs
  • and places where the noncustodial parent spends free time.