Under certain circumstances a grandparent can open a child support collection case to establish and obtain unpaid court ordered child support.

If a grandparent has been appointed the legal guardian of his/her grandchild and the grandparent needs help enforcing & collecting unpaid child support that was ordered by the courts, we can help the grandparent collect & enforce unpaid child support.

In many situations grandparent who is receiving government benefits such as TANF or Medicaid, may be asked to cooperate with the Attorney General’s office to establish a child support order with the biological parents of the child.

If the grandparent can provide proof that the child has been living with and under the supervision of the grandparent, then the grandparent should contact a child support attorney immediately..

A separate child support case will be opened with each noncustodial parent (mother and father), even if one or both parents live in the same household.

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